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  • FREE of CHARGE: Round trip transfer to airport
  • Overnight stay in a 4-star hotel
  • 1 package FREE OF CHARGE for the 4th person in a group of 4

Are you worried about your destiny? Here, dazzled by the solemn beauty of this magical place, you will finally have the opportunity to pose your questions to the Oracle of Delphi…

In Kalambaka in Thessaly, as you climb up the very first steps leading to the monastery you will be left totally speechless to the breath-taking beauty of the Meteora rock formation, and  you begin to feel a new unrecognisable inner peace…

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Arriving at Kalambaka in Thessalia, the sight of the natural emerging giant columns and the suspended colorful monasteries at their summit leaves you completely stupefied.

Climbing at your own pace through the first steps leading to the Monastery leaves you under the divine breathtaking scenery of Meteora. The serenity of this unique sight gradually invades your heart while a light air envelopes you gently and you start to feel a new inner peace.

Continue your inner journey by reaching the great meteor founded by the monks Athanasius and Joasaph in 1334 where the frescoes representing the saints’ martyrs come magically to live.  It is with great emotion that you linger on the fresco where both monks hold in their hand the construction of their founding work, that of a monastery governed by the rule of asceticism and eternal guardians of the souls’ serenity of all monks and travelers.

Anguished about your destiny? Are you in search of certain answers? Well, here is your unique chance to directly ask the Oracle of Delphi, a place of pilgrimage and consultation with the Gods, specifically the God of Beauty and Art, Apollo, and the Goddess of War and Battles, Athena.

In the old times, an old priestess, the Pythia, and a man known as the Prophet, would do the work for you with the Gods and dig into deep meditation to find out about the Oracles advises. We invite you to simplify things but still keep the mysticism and follow the ancient ritual, by handing you fresh aromatic laurel leaves to chew on while quietly promenading under the solemn beauty of Delphi. Perhaps somewhere along the way between the fragrant olive trees, the valley’s relaxing breeze and the delicious sunshine the answer will blow into your soul.

Duration: 2 days

Blue Athenista has created especially for you an all-inclusive package:

  • Round trip transfer to airport – FREE of charge
  • Transfer to your destination on mini-bus, pullman or taxi – FREE Wifi
  • Overnight stay in a 4-star hotel, breakfast + dinner included(except own consumption of beverages)
  • During the trip: 1 refreshment drink (water/ice tea/ fruit juice of choice)
  • Entrance tickets
  • All taxes included

Package SPIRIT of METEORA + MAGIC DESTINY to DELPHI: 450 € per person

FREE OF CHARGE: Round trip transfer to airport

FREE OF CHARGE: 1 package SPIRIT of METEORA + MAGIC DESTINY to DELPHI for the 4th person  (in group of minimum 4)

(in a group of 8 people: FREE OF CHARGE: SPIRIT of METEORA + MAGIC DESTINY to DELPHI for the 4th and the 8th person)

NEW PACKAGEMY Blue Athenista: In this package we create the perfect dream holiday for you and make your dreams come true – all you have to do is send us an email to : [email protected]

In order for you to get the most of your experience, Blue Athenista recommends to wear comfortable sneakers, a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.

You will most definitely be able to take astonishing photos of the mythical and mesmerizing places you will come across.

NB: please note that one single person will experience the Blue Athenista experience in a group with other people who have chosen the same package.

Blue Athenista is solely responsible for the practical organization regarding the customers.

NB: Departures only on MONDAY / Return only on WEDNESDAY

Otherwise : Departures THURSDAY / Return on SATURDAY

Changes of days can be done by contacting us at [email protected]

Due to religious terms, we advice women to bring long skirt and a shawl (or something) to cover shoulders. In any case the Monastery can also provide these items.


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