The general sale conditions apply to all services provided by Tourist Office Boulgaris whose head office is located at Roumeli 4, 11852 Athens, Greece.

The general sale conditions apply between the company Tourist office Boulgaris, also referred to as “we”, “our”, “us” and the customer.

Any reservation implies the consent of the customer to the general conditions of sale.

1. Conditions of reservation

The reservation is made through a form duly completed by the customer or by sending an electronic correspondence (e-mail). Upon receipt, the reservation is processed and the customer will receive a confirmation.

All bookings are processed in accordance to the general conditions of sale.

2. Payment terms

Payments can be made directly on the website by credit card in a secure environment. Alpha bank is the provider of all transactions.

Transfers are also accepted. The bank details are indicated at the time of payment.

All prices are in euros.

3. Conditions of cancellation or change


Cancellation from the client :

A refund to the customer will be made as follows (minus bank charges):

  • Up to 45 days before the reservation date: 100%
  • From 44 to 30 days before the reservation date: 50%
  • From 29 to 20 days before the reservation date: 25%
  • Less than 20 days before the reservation date: no refund

Cancellation from us :

A total refund of 100% to our customer


3.2. Conditions of rebooking :

Conditions of rebooking from the customer :

In case of rebooking of destination: there will be no refund; the amount paid by the customer will be charged to the new destination.

If the price of the new destination is higher, the customer will pay the difference.

If the price of the new destination is lower than the one initially chosen, the customer will be refunded the difference (minus bank charges).

Conditions of rebooking from us :

Regarding any rebooking coming from us and affecting the planned tours and/or excursions, the client will be informed by email; a solution as pleasant as possible will be provided.

4. Our responsibility terms towards the customer

Our responsibility is not engaged when there is failure of the realization of a circuit/excursion and the customer is responsible  for the inconvenience.

5. Insurance policy

“Tourist Office Boulgaris” will not be held responsible in case of loss, damage, and theft of luggage or personal belongings.

“Tourist Office Boulgaris” also disclaims any responsibility in case of illness, disappointment, as well as any interruption of the circuit / excursion due to weather hazards, or unforeseen circumstances.

However, in case of force majeure at the place of destination, i.e., in case of fire, earthquake, war or attack, the customer will receive a total 100% refund.

We strongly recommend our customers to purchase special travel cancellation insurance, in order to avoid the cancellation costs not covered by the foreseen cases.

6. Price policy

Our prices are subject to change without notice.

7. Personal insurance

Personal insurance is not included; it is the customer’s responsibility to subscribe to personal insurance.